Three half finished socks sit on a window sill. One is a blue/purple self-striping yarn, another is in a burnt orange yarn and the third is a scrappy sock in various reds, blues and oranges.

Storing patterns and keeping track of projects

Since the whole Ravelry debacle last summer I have been left unable to use the site for long periods. This is likely to be reduced even further at the end of this month as the ‘classic’ version is officially taken down, While my reaction is nowhere near as severe as that of other users it is enough to make uploading patterns a struggle, let alone browsing the database for inspiration.

I have been able to download my purchased patterns and, probably unsurprisingly, found a lot that I had forgotten about. I now have them all stored on my external hard drive (as an insurance policy against any laptop failures, ask me how I know!) so for a while I can browse my collection of patterns to gather inspiration for my next few projects. I’m hopeful that this method will actually result in more knitting time as I won’t end up in the ‘pretty new pattern’ rabbit hole. For those times when I do want to go down that rabbit hole I will be using the databases I mentioned in my last blog post.

When it comes to keeping track of my projects I have been using a notebook and pen for a while, and after a conversation on Instagram last week it was comforting to know that I’m not alone. A few others suggested having a physical folder to keep your printed patterns in and making your notes directly on the pattern. I particularly like the idea of curling up with a folder of your favourite patterns and reliving the memories of knitting each one.

All this talk of patterns has got me thinking about starting another garment project, and as the last one took 12 months to finish, now’s probably not a bad time to start it either!

How do you like to keep track of your patterns and projects? Do you prefer digital or analogue? I’d love to know!

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  1. I have learned that I am a digital person. Other knitting friends prefer the pen and paper of a journal. I’m using a digital calendar where I list all my WIPS on each day only removing it when it’s finished. I highlight all WIPS I worked on each day. I’m loving this as a means to keep my WIPS “in front of me” so to speak. And I can see how many days I actually worked on a project versus just the start and stop date that Ravelry tracks.


    • I like the idea of monitoring how many days you’ve worked on a project. Given the nature of multiple WIPs, it’s much nicer to look back and see how many days something took, rather than it looking like you spend months working on it!

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