Get creative

  • Keep It Simple socks. Striped socks in pinks and browns. Modelled with one foot leaning against the other against a cream background
  • Anniversary socks. Plain grey socks with 3 small cables running up the front. Contrasting toes, heels and cuffs in a striped yarn.
  • Australis Shawl. A blue stocking stitch background with lace short rows knit in a speckled pink/purple yarn. Shawl has a lace knit on edging.
  • Shooting Stars. Close up of shawl. The shawl is wrapped around to reflect the edge drapping over the shoulder.
  • Northern Lights hat. Stocking stitch hat with 3 diagonal lace strips. Yarn used is purple with flashes of bright green, blue and pink.
  • Close up of a burnt yellow cowl, elliptical sections of dropped stitches on a stocking stich background.
  • Cable and rib hat knit in brown British wool. Pattern available for babies to adults and is low vision accessible.
  • Lady Jane hat. Grey wool hat with large peacock lace design being worn by Su.
  • Lady Jane Cowl. Grey wool cowl with peacock lace laid across a wooden bench.
  • Lace mittens in grey British wool yarn. Pattern for full mitten and fingerless mitts in 3 adult sizes. Low vision version available.

I enjoy being creative in many ways and love nothing more than unwinding at the end of the day with some simple knitting. If knitting is your thing, or you’d like to get started, you can find a range of patterns and services that I created as The Conscious Knitter below.

Stay tuned for more creations coming soon!